​Doggy Squat Team  
      Our professional team is ready and equipped to:

                  Walk your dog on a regular schedule


                   Remove dog waste from your yard

The Doggy Squat Team is a local, family run business that takes care of your dog's business when you don't have the time to do so. We are reliable, trustworthy, and passionate about pets. Our team is fully insured and bonded. We offer a dog walking service and will remove your dog waste from your yard for a flat rate. We service the Chicago loop and nearby suburbs.

Dog Walking:

The Doggy Squat Team offers daily dog walking in the Chicago loop and nearby suburbs. You will feel comfortable knowing that the Doggy Squat Team is taking care of your pet with the utmost care and attention. We make sure your pet feels comfortable during each visit, and our team focuses on only having walkers who are trustworthy and passionate about animals.

         Yard Cleanup:

We also offer a dog waste removal service that will come to your location and clean up your yard on a weekly basis. Only dog waste will be picked up and bagged for disposal.
 Dog feces can be a hazard to your health and to the environment. Click here for more info.